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How To Care For Your Rings


Special items like an eternity, champion or wedding rings are usually cherished possessions and have to be kept well. Taking care of these items is vital to ensure they are in good condition as long as possible. There are several ways of taking care of your rings ranging from storage to use of chemicals on them.

Ways of taking care of your rings

Purchase insurance


It is worth investing in specialist jewelry insurance for items that are highly valued and can be stolen, get lost or damaged easily. If you own rings made from precious metals like the diamond, it is worth getting them appraised after 5-6 years since their values normally increase with time.

Avoid removing them in public

Although it is important to clean your hands after using the restroom, always resist the temptation of removing your rings and putting on the side. It poses a risk of leaving your valuable jewelry behind or it may fall, and you fail to trace it.

Keeping your ring clean

There are different types of cleaners that you can use to clean your rings. For precious and sentimental rings, you should visit a jewelry expert to ensure that it is cleaned carefully and safely. They mainly use steam cleaning methods which leave the stones and metal sparkling. Regular cleaning is also useful to remove dirt that the rings attract such as skin lotions and oils. The buildup of dirt can make your stones or metals have a dull appearance and be clouded as well. You may use a brush with soft bristles and dish washing liquid to clean your rings at home.

Avoid harsh chemicals

It is very practical that you should remove the rings from your fingers if you intend to clean your home using chemicals that may be harsh to the rings. Cleaning agents such as bleach can give the metal a dull appearance or can damage to colored gemstones and emeralds.

Wear and tear

Although rings made from diamond may be strong since it is considered the hardest material, they are still at a risk of being chipped due to needles tear and wear. You should there for at all costs try to avoid knocking your rings against hard materials.

Maintenance appointment

fashionrightsdfghjhgfgIt is important to have an all-round maintenance to avoid issues like loose diamonds, cracks in the shank or loose prongs. Visiting a jeweler at least once a year is sufficient to maintain you ring in good condition and standard.

These are the possible ways of ensuring that your rings are in good condition. You can put them into practice since they are simple to give your rings a great look.