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Commercial Swimming Pool Repair Tips


If you own a commercial pool then you know it will require regular checks and repairs. To manage repairs associated with your commercial pool you need to look out for some helpful tips to make the process easy and successful.

Tips to help take care of your commercial swimming pool

Leak detections


If there are any leaks detected anywhere around the pool, then it means you have a repair job to do. The problem may not be visible until the pool is functional. It is advisable to plan your pool repair in midsummer or fall. Fixing leaks is the first step when doing pool repair and should be keenly attended to.

Erosion feeder

If your pool does not have an erosion feeder attached to its floor, you will need to drill some holes on your pool floor then use drop-in-anchor from the hardware aisle. You can spend just half an hour to do the procedure to your pool.

Replace your split baskets

When repairing your pool, it is advisable to replace all the split baskets and even add extra split baskets if there is a need. The throttles, lids, and baskets should all be replaced. When using the pool regularly, these things can get lost or broken. If there are extra pieces available, you may consider replacing them right away.

Air bleeders

During repair, you may find that the air bleeders are not functioning properly. The best thing to do in this case is to remove them since it is a safety hazard. This is because it will allow a large amount of air to be pushed into the filter tank when the pump starts to run. When the air fails to find a way out it can surge and cause an explosion especially if your tank is not clean.

Vacuum gauge

For new pools, this tip is vital. If you want to repair your new pool, then ensure that the pressure and vacuum gauges are. This helps if you have a color coated system.


homeimprovementleftcfghYou need to determine how to string the anchors are if you have to fix the handrail pad, the ladder or guard chair. Small pads can be very costly if the right accessories are not used, and you need to have this in mind.

If you want to carry out pool repair on your own, then these tips can prove helpful. If the pool is however severely damaged, then you may need a professional to help with the repairs.